What does an android tv unit do?

This is a question we are asked a lot. The simplest answer, without confusing you with technology is this: An Android TV unit, gives you a full Android experience, similar to that on your mobile phone or tablet on your TV. With that you have full access to Google Playstore and it’s applications (some applications may require additional hardware/remotes), full Internet browsing, email, eBay, Facebook, Twitter etc. As well as this you also have the ability to watch Netflix on your TV without having to use your tablet, phone or laptop to display the content on your TV. Essentially, it turns your dumb TV into a Smart TV, and makes your Smart TV look dumb !!! 


Can I watch TV and Movies for free? 

Using the XBMC/Kodi application that comes built into all of our Android TV Boxes you can access digital content online. By default, the XBMC/Kodi component comes un-configured. Once configured you will have access to TV show, box-sets and movies for free and also sports. You can also watch any content that you have already downloaded or catalogued on your hard drives, flash drives or USB disks.


How much do I pay a month?

You only pay for the device !!! No monthly subscriptions, 1 off payment that’s it. 


What else can I do with the device? 

This is a mini computer, think laptop based on the android operating system. You have access to all the apps available in the google play store, Facebook, Netflix, Twitter, Google Chrome, Skype, 1000s of free games, word processing apps, business apps, education apps, the entertainment aspect is only a small fraction of the function of these devices. This is so much more that a TV unit, this is a full entertainment system!!! 


What do I need to run this? 

All that is required is power and internet. The internet connection is your most important aspect of the process, we recommend a minimum of a 5Mbps connection, will the system work on less bandwidth? Yes but your experience may suffer with issues such as buffering. 


This is the BIG QUESTION...... Can I cut my cable? ...... 

We have no say in this, we never recommend canceling cable, its not our place, you as a consumer have to make this decision on your own. 


Do you support the product? 

Yes we take great pride in our support system, we understand that this is new and may seem to be a little complicated at first, it's not actually complicated it's just different than how you have used your computer / TV in the past. We are always available to answer any question you may have. 


Do you have a warranty? 

Yes all our TV units come with 12 months repair / replacement warranty. All accessories come with a 90 day warranty.